A gruelling 414 km marathon on the water, covering the Ticino and the Po and then leading into the lagoon to the finish line in Venice. Europe’s longest inland water race, the Pavia-Venice raid began in 1929. Since then, it has counted 68 editions, and after a 10-year break, 2021 is the year of thehistoric comeback.
Alfa Romeo engines have written legendary chapters, from the hydroplanes of the 1930s to the ultra-fast racers that are still the absolute protagonists today. The Alfa Romeo Museum will dedicate a conference to the “Mille Miglia on the Water”: the endeavours, the boats, the men who wrote the pages of this legendary history. It will also be an
occasion to remember Guido Romani: driver, collector, and historical memory of motorboating. He has been the true "engine" behind the Cavalli Marini exhibition.