Alfa Romeo is proud of its history. The idea of setting up a dedicated museum is attributed to Orazio Satta Puliga, in charge of design in the years following World War II. The suggestion was taken up by the Company President, Giuseppe Luraghi, an educated and sophisticated man, while the director of external relations, Camillo Marchetti, pioneer of a modern and aggressive communications strategy, thought of the opportunities that establishing a real Alfa Romeo Museum would give rise to. In the meantime, Luigi Fusi, a designer since the time of Jano, began collecting, putting in order and organising the fragments of history, restoring the cars and writing the captions. The museum project was actually coming into being. And after years of staging in makeshift venues, Arese was finally chosen as the permanent site. The Alfa Romeo Historical Museum opened its doors to the public on 18 December 1976, in a building in front of the administrative headquarters, in the heart of the plant. Today, the future of the brand is beginning again from Milan, in an even larger and more fascinating, modern and elegant venue.​