Alfa Romeo, a racing car at heart. A legend made of men, cars, successes and technology.
A history marked by moments of glory, but also by tragic episodes that teach how cruel the racetrack can be. An epic story, written on the asphalt of racetracks all over the world.


The heroic age of motor racing.

The legend of the Quadrifoglio (Four-Leafed Clover).
In the years between the two world wars, Alfa Romeo wrote the finest pages of motor racing.
The first great victory of the RL in the 1923 Targa Florio, then the World Championship dominated by the Gran Premio Tipo P2. An age that revolutionised the history of racing with the legendary “6C” cars, challenges by the 8C 2300 cars, the triumphs of the Tipo B and the extraordinary twin-engined single-seaters.


Formula 1 begins and Alfa Romeo immediately takes a leading role.

The two World Championships of the Alfetta
Nino Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio dominated the first two Formula 1 World Championships with an epic car: the Alfetta. First made at the end of the Thirties, this slim single-seater saw its climax after World War II, with unrivalled performances.


A car, a racetrack, a victory

The great moments
Thousands of championships, rankings and wins are inscribed in the prize record. But this is only a starting point. There are races, tracks, drivers and legendary endeavours that have left an indelible mark in History. Even more than facts described in books, it is a memory that remains vivid in the imagination of everyone even after decades.


Ten years of career. Two World Championships for a great dream.

The official return to racing with Carlo Chiti's Autodelta.
Tipo 33 was a project tenaciously pursued for 10 years, until the triumph in the two World Championships in 1975 and 1977. These were years of races, victories, disappointments, iconic endeavours and personages.
And it was precisely from the racetracks that a legendary Alfa Romeo masterpiece was developed: the 33 Stradale.
Lines designed from the future, streamlined perfection. A throbbing heart full of pure sports passion.


The cars, the drivers, the challenges and the victories.

The 6C 3000 CM was the last legend of the Sport cars of the Fifties. Immediately afterwards, the TZ2 and the unforgettable GTA marked an epoch.
And then, Formula 1. The return of Alfa as a racing team began with the creation of engines for the Brabham team and continued with construction of the whole car body, nicknamed Alfa-Alfa. The last racing triumphs were with Turismo cars: the most famous was the DTM title won in 1993.