From 1910 to the future.
A.L.F.A., later Alfa Romeo, has developed across various periods of history, often rewriting its rules. A timeline of legendary cars mark the stages of a long and prestigious history: from the 24 HP, the first car made at the Portello plant, to the 8C Competizione, the dream of this new millennium.
A journey that includes the gran turismo in the Twenties and Thirties, the upswing after World War II, the great ages of the Giulia and Giulietta and the audacious innovations introduced by the Alfetta and Alfasud. Up to more recent times, the present and the future. Besides pictures of the plants where the projects came into being, images of the men who led the company, designed the cars and wrote the history also roll by in the background. ​


Alfa Romeo has always relied on great personages and legendary endeavours, but above all on the excellent and untiring work of thousands of men and women, blue collar workers and clerical staff.
In over a century, drivers, mechanics, executives and students of the company school have written pieces of the history of Alfa Romeo - sometimes a chapter, sometimes just a few lines - driven by pride in being part of a great Brand.


An interactive system, a window onto the story of Alfa Romeo.
Six touchscreens to explore the constantly updated great archive and discover the stories of the cars, the personages and the victories.
​ In-depth information, technical info sheets, photo galleries, anecdotes and curious facts: all within reach.