Few brands represent the Corps of the Carabinieri as well as Alfa Romeo does. A section of the Museum tells this story with six cars belonging to the Carabinieri collection. The Corps of the Carabinieri in Italy has an ancient and prestigious history, which began in 1814. The Corps thus accompanied Italy's history in all important events and through every transformation. The first Alfa from 1951, when the "Matta" entered into service. Since then, the bond between the Corps and Alfa Romeo has been indissoluble and given rise to authentic icons: from the Giulia to the Alfetta, from the 75 to the 156, and up to the 159 and the Giulia Quadrifoglio. The Alfa Romeos "in uniform" have gone from a green to a blue livery, each time with specific equipment and outfittings. A story within the story presented from six different points of view: the transformations of the vehicles, the liveries, and specific outfittings. Followed by the era of car chases and the role that Alfa Romeos in uniform played in culture, society and cinema. Lastly, an in-depth analysis of two of the brand's most iconic vehicles: Giulia and Alfetta.