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The prototype of the Montreal, made in 1967 for the Canadian International Expo, and the Carabo, a concept car presented at the 1968 Paris Motor Show and developed from one of the frames of the legendary 33 Stradale. With these two exceptional vehicles, the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese will be offering its contribution to the exhibition that the MAUTO - National Automobile Museum in Turin is dedicating to Marcello Gandini, one of the most remarkable car-designers of the 20th century.
In the exhibition, which traces the extraordinary history of this revolutionary designer, the chapter dedicated to Alfa Romeo in the late sixties could not help but involve the museum of the Biscione, which houses the most famous models created by Marcello Gandini for Carrozzeria Bertone.
The first is the "Montreal Expo", a concept car that was exhibited in the Italian pavilion of the Canadian Expo and was conceived to represent "the highest aspiration of contemporary man in the matter of automobiles". The car was displayed in a futuristic space called "Manufacturing Man" which featured the results of human ingenuity throughout the last century.
At the Museum in Arese, the Montreal, which went into production three years after Expo Canada in 1970, is part of the permanent collection, while the Expo concept car is not normally exhibited.
One of the "highlights" of the permanent exhibition at the Museo Alfa Romeo is, on the other hand, the Carabo, a prototype created by Marcello Gandini for Bertone on the chassis of the 33 Stradale: with vertically opening doors, gilded mirror glass in VHR, and a clean and sophisticated style, this car forever changed the idea of the mid-engine sedan. At the Museo Alfa Romeo, the Carabo is permanently displayed in the "Style Masters" section, which is dedicated to car design.
From 23 January to 26 May - while it will be displayed as part of the exhibition "Marcello Gandini, hidden genius" at the MAUTO - the Carabo’s place in the Alfa Romeo Museum will be yielded to another concept car, which was also developed on the chassis of the 33 Stradale: the "Cuneo" designed by Pininfarina and presented in Brussels in 1971.
By showing the entrance ticket to the Museo Alfa Romeo, visitors will have a discounted price at the Mauto and the exhibition (10€)

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