We welcome clubs at the museum!
This is why we have conceived a ‘package’ of dedicated services to make your visit at the Museo Alfa Romeo truly memorable.

  • Discounted rate for use of the Giulietta room (70 seats) and the Monza room (35 seats, 5th floor) forup to 4 hours on Saturdays or Sundays: 500€
  • Entrance ticket to the Museum: 8€
  •  15% discount on any purchase in the Alfa Romeo Store

Only for Alfa Romeo clubs: the opportunity to use the museum’s internal circuit for the parade and souvenir photos (free of charge)

Furthermore, we offer an annual subscription, the Formula Museo Card, which gives you the right to:
8 entrances to the Museum in one year
free access to the Giulia room during screenings of Formula 1 GPs in the 2020 Championship
- exclusive invitation to events promoted by the Museum and by Alfa Romeo

 Price for Formula Museo Card: 40€ find out more: https://www.museoalfaromeo.com/it-

Stay updated about all the events hosted by the Museum: go to our 2020 Event calendar

For info and booking: gruppi@museoalfaromeo.com