Have you ever dreamt of experiencing a "night at the museum"?

Picture the Alfa Romeo museum transforming when the audience departs, the doors close, and darkness envelops every detail. The dim light accentuates the graceful curves of the car bodies, while in the silence, you can almost imagine the roar of engines coming to life. 

At 6 PM the lights dim and the adventure begins. Guided only by the light of your smartphone or by a flashlight, you'll discover hidden details and captivating stories. Until midnight, you'll have the opportunity to live the thrill of a "night at the museum." You can explore independently or sign up for the special guided tour starting at 9 PM (you can book by sending an email to info@museoalfaromeo.com).

To complete the experience, don't forget to visit our Alfa Romeo Caffè & Bistrò, open with bar service and light refreshments. Starting from 6 PM, you can enjoy an aperitivo, immersing yourself entirely in the suggestive atmosphere of the night, illuminated only by flashes of Alfa Red.

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