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7/29/2021 9:00 PM

​Friday 10 September

14.30-15.30: GP practice 1

What's behind? Discover the F1 Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen car

Saturday 11 September

10.00: Virtual meeting + meet&greet with the drivers in the Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen team (sala Giulia)

11.00: Parade on the Museum track

12.00-13.00: GP practice 2 (sala Giulia)

16.00: Opening of the exhibition «Scale 1:23», Alfa Romeo scale models

16.30: MINIAlfaFlashMob - flashmob of Alfa Romeo models in scale 1:43 (sala Giulia)

16.30-17.00: GP Sprint Qualifying (sala Giulia)

17.30: Final parade on the Museum track

Sunday 12 September

11.00: Parade and ALFAFlashMob on the Museum track

14.30: AR51 Tribute – parade on the Museum track

15.00-16.30: Monza GP live screening

16.30-17.30: Backstage Conference «1951: the year of the AR51 «Matta»

16.30: «Create your one-seater»: Educational workshop for children

17.30: Final parade on the Museum track


Alfa Romeo flies the Italian flag at the Monza Grand Prix

● Made at the ‘Centro Stile Alfa Romeo’, a creative tribute celebrating the single-seater and the Alfa Romeo drivers’ uniforms.
● From winning the first title in F1 history with Nino Farina in 1950 to date: an unbreakable bond between the Italian circuit and Alfa Romeo
● To celebrate this visceral bond, passion comes to life at the Museum in Arese, with a packed schedule of events for the entire Alfisti fandom

The Monza circuit is not only the venue of the Italian GP, it is also the track where Alfa Romeo won the first title in Formula 1 history on September 3 rd , 1950, in the Alfetta 158 with Nino Farina at the wheel. An unbreakable bond ties Alfa Romeo and Monza, and has been reforged once again this year.
To celebrate the Italian Grand Prix, the single-seater will take to the track in a livery produced specifically for the event by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. The star is the logo, celebrating the brand’s 111-year history, its colors revisited in those of the Italian flag.
The upper part of the engine cover has been turned ‘Quadrifoglio’ green, to complement the customary red and white of the official livery.
The reinterpretation of the colors thus provides a horizontal outline to the Italian flag, now the dominant theme of the livery.
The creative contribution of the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo is not limited to the single-seater, but also embellishes the racing uniforms of the two Alfa Romeo drivers. The Italian flag is also brought to life by the 111 logo, featuring in the upper part of the suit to provide a vertical
outline on the driver’s leg, ‘metaphorically’ all the way down to the tarmac.

Decked out in this special livery to celebrate the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, the Alfa Romeo showcar will be the ‘special guest’ at the Museum in Arese during all the week of the racing event.
The brand’s home will also be the place to experience the emotions of the GP, in a live stream of the qualifiers, practice sessions and of course the race itself, on the big screen in the Giulia Hall.
The showcar itself will offer the opportunity to explore ‘behind the scenes’ of Formula 1.
Visitors can take part in a virtual experience, that includes a video contribution from the two drivers that will also feature in a virtual meeting livestreamed from the garage at Monza, during which they will be chatting with the Museum’s guests. All the other events scheduled for the weekend of
September 11 th to 12 th will also be Formula 1-themed: from scale models to actual Alfa Romeo cars, plus two different flashmobs of the Alfisti fans in attendance. The first – the MINI Flashmob – will take place in the Giulia Hall at 4:30 pm on Saturday, September 11 th , on a 1:43 scale reproduction of the short track surrounding the museum, featuring the Alfa Romeo scale models brought in and displayed by the Alfisti fans. On Sunday, September 12 th comes the turn of the 'real’ Alfa Romeo cars, stepping out on the circuit surrounding the Museum.
A special tribute will be made at the event to the Alfa Romeo AR51, celebrating its 70 th anniversary this year. Models of the iconic car known as ‘Matta’ (‘crazy’) will star in the flashmob, due to make up a huge, celebratory Italian flag.
The tribute to the ‘Matta’ will continue in the afternoon of Sunday, September 12 th , with a special parade and an in-depth lecture, part of the Backstage cycle, after the checkered flag at the Grand Prix.
For the Alfisti fans of the future and in addition to the MINI Flashmob, the Museum has organized an educational workshop, where children and young people can try their hand at designing the livery of a single-seater.
For children of all ages, there will be the “1:23 Scale” exhibition, featuring scale models by Togi. Since the late 1950s and with only a few very rare exceptions, this brand has exclusively produced models of Biscione-brand cars, in a non-standard format. On display will
be the brand’s most iconic models, in different versions, colors and trim levels, with a special focus on the Giulia.

All the events at the Museum are free, included in the entrance fee. Reservations are required, by email to The Green Pass is required to enter the Museum.
Full schedule at

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