8/8/2019 6:00 PM

It was exhibited at the Mo.Ma. in New York and anticipated many trends in the automotive industry: the New York Taxicab, conceived by Giorgetto Giugiaro on the Alfa Romeo  F12 platform, will be the star of the “Backstage” event in August. From Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th, the yellow prototype of the minivan will be exhibited at the Museum, and on Sunday at 3 pm, visitors are invited to the traditional conference. Participants will be able to learn more about the origins and history of this car, but also witness – up close and with open doors – the many solutions that have made the New York Taxicab into an authentic pioneer in terms of flexibility of the interiors, ergonomics, and the level of ‘specialisation’ of the project.
Info: 02 444 25511 or info@museoalfaromeo.com

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