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By reservation only and in small groups, every Sunday at 3 pm, it is possible to visit the storage areas where cars and materials from the Collezione Alfa Romeo, not normally exhibited, are kept.
The guided tour, lasting 90 minutes, has a cost of €8 per person. Purchasing the Alfa Romeo Museum ticket is mandatory, which still entitles you to access the museum spaces on the same day and participate in any scheduled events.

Info and booking:

It is also possible to book private guided tours - in Italian, English, German, and French - on other days and times.

Info and reservations: 


  • March, 31:               11 am (English)
  • March, 31:                 3 pm (Italian)
  • April, 1:                     11 am (Italian)
  • April, 25:                   11 am (English)
  • April, 28:                   11 am (English)
  • April, 28:                     3 pm (Italian)
  • April, 30                    11 am (English)
  • May, 1                       11 am (Italian)

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