Photos of the Milan Polytechnic's racing team
Photos of the Milan Polytechnic's racing team analyzing a single-seater formula 1 car
Photos of the Milan Polytechnic's racing team

First created in 1980 in the USA, Formula SAE is an international championship involving the participation of over 600 universities and races held on racetracks around the world.

The goal is to design and produce a single-seater racing car, which is evaluated for its design and performance qualities, both with static events and dynamic tests.

The Museo Alfa Romeo wants to explore, by means of an exhibition, a local entity which, in less than twenty years, has developed and grown to achieve very important results on an international scale: the Dynamis PRC, the “racing team” of the Politecnico di Milano. The team, which is made up of students from various faculties, since 2004
has built 14 single-seaters, competed in 31 races in 7 different countries and obtained important results. The team, which has grown from the initial 12 members to over 100 today, needs to handle every aspect of the project.

From October 22, 2021

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