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In 2024, the Backstage series continues, featuring a sequence of meetings organized by the Alfa Romeo Museum to explore chapters of the brand's history, drawing from materials at the Documentation Center and direct testimonies.

While waiting for the complete program, we can already anticipate two appointments that celebrate very important anniversaries. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Giulietta Sprint and the 50th of the Alfetta GT, two beloved and commercially successful models that each, in their own way, narrate memorable eras and extraordinary moments in Italian automotive history.

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May 5th

Alfetta GT 50th Anniversary

Two years after the presentation of the Alfetta, a coupé version follows. The Alfetta GT 1.8 adopts the transaxle mechanics of the sedan, but the wheelbase is shortened by 110 mm, and the suspension is made more sporty. The body is designed by Giugiaro following very modern standards. The Alfetta GT aims to be a true grand tourer rather than an extreme sports car, with great attention given to practicality. Production lines will be halted in 1986, with a production of 136,275 units across various versions.

June 2nd

 Giulietta Sprint 70th Anniversary

The car that marks the transformation of Alfa Romeo into a major automotive industry is Giulietta, "Italy's sweetheart." The car is presented at the Turin Motor Show on April 21, 1954, but already two weeks earlier, there is a preview in the courtyard of Portello with the arrival of a helicopter from which two actors descend in Shakespearean costumes of Romeo and... Juliet. The Giulietta made its mark on sales as soon as it was introduced. A few days later, orders had to be suspended; the plant was already overrun. For Alfa Romeo, Giulietta is a turning point. Production will continue for 11 years, totaling 177,513 units, including 24,084 Sprints.