New arrivals from the Alfa Romeo historical cars collection

6/9/2017 2:00 PM

Time for change at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo. Some of the vehicles that are normally on display are on the road to participate in important national and international events, as testimonials of the Brand's extraordinary history. And other cars from the historical Alfa Romeo collection have arrived to the Museum in these very days, to amaze its visitors:

6C 2500 Super Sport (1947)
Born in 1939, the career of the 6C 2500 was abruptly interrupted by the Second World War and the car was to experience a second youth in the immediate postwar period. After the war, the official price lists featured a bodywork designed and produced by Touring Superleggera on a 6C 2500 Super Sport chassis. Come and see the 6C 2500 Super Sport from 1947, temporarily exhibited at the museum.

Giulia TZ Chassis (1963)
In this welded-tube trellis frame, it is easy to detect the structure of the Giulia TZ (Tubolare Zagato), a car that marked the return of Alfa Romeo to the races after its withdrawal in 1951. Temporarily exhibited at the Museo storico Alfa Romeo.

RL Targa Florio (1923)
After the famous victory of the previous year, the RL Targa Florio from 1924 evolved, and, for the first time in Alfa Romeo, it was equipped with front brakes. However, the Sicilian race was rocambolesque: Ascari preceded Werner’s Mercedes, but a well-deserved victory eluded him when his car was sent into a spin just a few meters away from the chequered flag. Come and admire it in the section of the Museum named “Velocità” (Speed).

750 Competizione 1955
The prototype of the 750 Competizione came to life thanks to the brand’s desire to officially return to the races in the Sport category. Thus, the project for a new barchetta was launched, which fit into the class of up to one and a half liters. The engine of the Giulietta was strongly evolved, the chassis developed by Abarth, and the bodywork designed by Boano. Temporarily exhibited at the Museum in the Velocità (Speed) section.

156 D2 Superturismo 1998
Upon its debut in the Italian Superturismo Championship in 1998, Giovanardi’s 156 brought home the Drivers’ title and Alfa Romeo won in the Constructors’ category, the first of a long line of successes. In total, for the 156 it would amount to 13 Championships – including prizes for drivers, constructors, and teams – over a period of 10 years. The vehicle exhibited here displays the livery from 2001, when it won the European Championship. Temporarily exhibited at the Museum.

155 V6 TI ITC
An evolution of the 155, which dominated the 1993 DTM, Larini’s 155 V6 ITC almost achieved a world victory. The ITC (International Touring Car series) vehicles represent the highest expression of technology applied to Tourism vehicles, developed almost without restrictions, at a time when even Formula 1 was enforcing very strict regulations.

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